12 Employee engagement games and activity ideas


Employee engagement is all about providing the suitable work environment to all the employees at the workplace. Only then will the employees stay motivated and pumped up to perform their best at work. Also, the employees must maintain the perfect harmony and cooperate with each other while working as a team. There are many ways to bind the employees together to your venture and explore their talent and fun side.  Hence, these days numerous companies are conducting outdoor employee engagement activities wherein employees get indulged in interesting activities that aid in enhancing their confidence, relieve them from stress and ultimately lead to active engagement of employees at workplace.

These programs include both indoor as well as outdoor activities such as paintball, go karting, raft building, water zorbing, glass walk, bumper zorbing, corporate challenge, team building activities, ice breaking games, stress management, creativity and many others. Apart from these, explore some employee engagement games and activity ideas that will benefit your employees to a great extent.

  • Truths and lies

This game helps the employees to know each other better. Sit in a circle facing the centre and come up with two truths and one lie about yourself. You can also write them down on a paper.

  • Take a lesson from the cake boss

This game gives a good chance to see the culinary artists bake tasty confectionary. Give the employees a task to bake the best representation cake for the company. The best one wins. You can also satisfy your sweet tooth by gulping down the cakes made by all the employees.

  • Name that staff member

It is as fun as it sounds. Divide the members into two groups and put the names of all employees in a hat. Let the teams take chances to draw out a name and describe the person in words or actions and have fun in the guessing game.

  • Observation

Well, this game tests your memory. Divide the members into two lines facing opposite to each other. Give one team a few minutes to observe the opposite team and then tell them to turn around. Then tell the other team to make some changes in them like swapping jewellery, slight changes in clothing, etc. Then let the first team observe and figure out the changes that have been made.

  • Pairs

Come up with different pairs like salt and pepper, male and female, etc. Stick a word on each employee’s back. Now they have to figure out what is written on their back by asking yes or no questions to the others and then find their pair.

  • The amazing race through town

Break your employees into pairs and make them run in the nearby surrounding to find their destination by providing them with clues and see who wins the race.

  • Trivia

This is a quiz game just like the Trivial Pursuit. Make sure to keep the quiz cards with you.

  • Untangle

Stand shoulder to shoulder in a circle with your colleagues. Take your right hand towards the centre and hold the hand of some other person. Then take your left hand and hold a different person’s hand. The game is to untangle from the mess.

  • Improvisation

Divide the members into a team of 8 or less. Provide each team with five to six random objects and tell them to enact a skit with those objects, Vote for the favourite skit at the end.

  • A case of need

Sit in a circle and collect same objects in bulk, like the pencil. Keep passing the objects in the circle and instruct the members to take the object as much as they need. As soon as every member has at least one object, tell them to reveal as many facts as the number of objects they have.

  • Dig for buried treasure

Set up a treasure hunt in the office and give clues to the colleagues. Break the staff members into teams and watch them hunting for the treasure.

  • Beach ball

As the name suggests, we need a beach ball to play this game. Make the employees sit in a circle and write random questions on the beach ball. Start passing and tossing the ball in the circle. Upon saying stop, see who gets the ball and tell him/her to answer the question that is nearest to the right pinky finger. This is a good way to know more about your colleagues.