5 Reasons why you Might Require a Criminal Background Check

Financial Services

Vetting and screening are essential in some situations, and this gives an employer or a landlord peace of mind, knowing that the applicant is in fact genuine. This service operates to ensure that individuals have no criminal record or hidden agenda, and here are just a few of the reasons why a criminal background check might be required.

  1. Screening a Potential Tenant – A landlord might want to screen a potential tenant, after all, they are trusting that individual with very valuable furniture and fittings, and it is always a good idea to at least make sure that the person does not have a criminal record. CRB checking is carried out online, and when the applicant fills in the required information and submits the necessary documentation, you will soon receive your Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) certificate. The applicant might look like they are not in the right income bracket to afford to rent such accommodation, and with a financial check, you can soon verify their status.
  1. Checking on a Voluntary Worker – Very often, volunteers work with children, the disabled and the elderly, and in this environment, it is sensible to carry out a screening of the every volunteer. We have all read the terrible cases where volunteers have badly mistreated patients, and perhaps a background check would have alerted the right people. This is just one reason why it pays to have the individual screened before allowing them to commence work.
  1. Working with Sensitive Data – If a potential candidate will be exposed to very sensitive data, it might be a good idea to have them screened for any history of criminal activity, and in some cases, an enhanced search can even reveal unspent convictions. If critical data were to get into the wrong hands, it could have disastrous consequences, so it is best to ensure that the applicant is genuine.
  1. Embarking on a New Relationship – This is a time for some screening, as many people have fallen foul to someone who is not who they say they are, or perhaps they are hiding the fact that they have already been married twice. You might want to check on their financial status, and if you feel this person could be your soulmate, it is best to make sure the foundations of the relationship are in fact, solid.
  1. Post Relationship Issues –If you are to divorce your partner and would like to know what assets they own and details of their financial status, this can easily be checked by the right company, and armed with this information, you will be better informed when dealing with the details of the separation.

There are online companies that specialise in this type of screening, and with a fast and reliable service that can be tailored to suit the client, you can easily verify any company or individual. These services are an essential part to many activities and by making sure a person has no criminal background, you are protecting yourself and your business.