A Guide to Protecting Valuable Digital Data


If you run a business, it invariably involves Internet activity, and a single online connection is also a gateway for the many harmful viruses that are designed to steal your data. Imagine a company that has a vast network of people, all connected by a digital highway, which actually makes the whole organisation vulnerable. Each and every workstation in the company could install state of the art software, yet this will drain your computing resources, and besides, a cloud based protection system is much more effective, and doesn’t use any of your IT hardware resources.

Cloud Based Spam Protection

This works by configuring the software to create a barrier between the online email server and the client’s inbox, effectively only allowing specified content through the to the client’s inbox. The spam filter setting can be configured as you require, through an easy to use interface, and this gives you tracking options and other tools, allowing you to maximise the filtering according to your needs. Many corporations outsource their data protection to Mailcleaner, a market leader in anti-spam development and online data security, and an online search will soon have you talking to the experts, who can have you protected within minutes.

The Evil Attachment

How exactly does a virus manage to infect a computer? The answer is perhaps best described in the following scenario. A company employee opens their inbox one morning, and while wading through all the spam emails, happens to see one with the heading “Your reward awaits”, which generates enough interest to open the mail. The attachment, which is called “clock on me” contains the harmful virus, and once the .exe file is activated, the virus transfers itself to somewhere on the workstation hard drive and begins to do what is was designed for – which might include the theft of data, or merely its destruction, and without a backup, all could be lost, thanks to one double click by a curious employee!

Trojan Horse

We all know the classic myth of the Greeks and Spartans with the Trojan Horse, well in digital terms, a spam email is exactly that, as it contains an attacker and disguises itself to look harmless, and even attractive. The risk of infection is high, and the more inboxes you have, the greater the risk of a piece of malicious code ending up doing what it was designed for, and once on the drive, some have the ability to morph into other file names, to avoid detection.

Complete Administration

It is no good hiring an expert to handle your online protection, then relying on him all the time, and with a cloud based solution, you are the administrator. The easy to use interface lets you track all incoming email activity, and with 99% of spam quarantined, your employees can finally eliminate that 15-minute deleting session every morning.

If you are concerned about your business data, an online search will put you in touch with the right provider, and within a few minutes, your data will be protected.