A Quick Guide to Dumper Trucks in Construction


There are many different types of dumper trucks, each suited to a different task or terrain. If you are looking to hire a dumper for a specific requirement you should work out exactly what attributes it will need, so that you can be sure of hiring the right type of machinery for your task.

 On a construction site you might require the use of a dumper that lifts heavy loads and awkward shapes and sizes of materials after demolition, or to transport construction debris away from the site as garbage or for recycling. Dumper trucks are often required to work on uneven, rough terrain and to bring in vast quantities of material for secondary phases of construction and development of the site.

What are different types of Dump Trucks are available?

The most common dump trucks are those used to get heavy lifting done in the most fast and effective manner. For instance by moving debris and materials from one area of a construction site to another. There are many shapes, sizes and capabilities you can choose from so here is a quick guide to help you pick out the one that is most suited to your project at the time of hiring.

Off Road Dumpers

Large off-road dumper trucks are often used in large construction projects or in mining and heavy engineering. Being capable of moving heavy loads of aggregate and materials makes it an ideal machine to move on rough terrain without the risk of spillage or tipping.

Transfer Dumper Trucks

If you are searching for flexibility and manoeuvrability a transfer dumper with a separate trailer at the rear of the vehicle is the choice for you. This is a flexible, sturdy dumper so you can add other containers to the rear of your vehicle without losing any precision or speed.

Standard Dumper

For use on hard soil, the standard dumper provides flexibility and great manoeuvrability, which makes it a popular choice. You see this vehicle on the majority of construction sites! Standard dumper trucks release materials from the rear of the vehicle.

Side Trucks

These dumpers dump material from the side of the vehicle, rather than from the sloping trailer at the rear. For large construction projects with a lot of space and lots of materials, a side dumper is perfect. It makes it possible to move large amounts of materials a short distance, without fear of the dumper tipping.

Having a wide choice of dumper trucks available to you allows you to tackle obstacles head on, moving forward with a smooth and successful construction project. Working with a professional plant hire company that understands the construction industry and can grasp what you require for your project as a whole is a great way to make sure you have the right dumper truck for the job,  on site and ready to go exactly when you need it.