All that you need to know about cleanroom wiping


A cleanroom is generally used in industry to make equipment or product parts that cannot tolerate almost any kind of external dust particles in them. The products are generally very specific and mostly used in electronics, pharmaceutical, biopharmaceutical, electronics and other different manufacturing product niche.

A cleanroom doesn’t even allow 101 particles of 0.5 microns or larger. A normal office building has a permissible limit of 1,000,000 particles in that case. Therefore while maintaining the cleanliness of a cleanroom, a lot of protocols and procedures are needed to be followed in cleanroom wiping.

Selecting a Cleanroom wipe:

Although the requirements of cleanliness in a cleanroom generally depends on the industry it is used in, but the sterile cleansing wipes are generally selected using a similar sort of criteria. There are two broad types of cleanroom wipes in general. They can either be dry or pre-saturated. A variety of substrates are used to create these cleanroom wipes.

Different manufacturing methods are used so that the sorbency of the wipe is up to the mark. The level of cleanliness also depends on the way the cleanroom wipe is manufactured. The cleanroom wipes suppliers also need to make sure that these wipes are made according to industry they are being used at.

According to the requirement, the effectiveness of cleanroom wipes can be easily determined. Here are some specific types of cleaning methods:

  1. Wet Wipes:

Wet Wipes are most effective in cleaning particle which are bigger in size but generally cleanroom has a very less tolerance of dirt so a dry wipe would definitely be needed after using a wet wipe.

  1. Vacuum/Brush:

Generally these type of cleaning equipment are avoided while cleaning a cleanroom as the intricate equipment that is used to assemble the products is generally damaged because of it. But if the equipment is not that intricate, then a vacuum/brush can be an effective cleaning method.

  1. Tack Roller:

This way of cleaning is generally more effective if the dirt particle size is more than 5 micron. Lesser size particles are generally left untouched by this type so this type of cleaning isn’t that effective for cleanrooms.

  1. Air Blown:

Just like Tack Roller, Air Blown cleaning method is also effective on higher particle size dirt and dust. Therefore it isn’t advised to use air blown method to clean cleanrooms.

  1. Dry Wipes:

This has a really high cleansing potential when it comes to smaller size particles. Some particles still tend to get away, therefore it is advised to use a combination of wet wipes and dry wipes to get an effective standard cleanroom.

For effective cleanroom wiping, you need to use a combination of wet wipes and dry wipes and not just use a 70% alcohol fluid disinfectant spray. As the spray doesn’t generally work against spore contamination because alcohol isn’t that effective against spores. You can always use a damp wipe so that the contamination doesn’t spread and gets cleaned instead. Cleanroom wiping is a tricky business so only trained individuals should do it and with the proper equipment only.