Can Parcel Forwarding Help Grow E-commerce Sales?


To be a successful international online seller, one needs to offer great product price, including excellent shipping rates. One of the best ways of offering competitive rates to buyers and low shipping rates is through parcel forwarding services.

Parcel forwarding: an ideal shipping solution for online sellers

Package forwarding is a global shipping service provided to online buyers doing online shopping across all borders. It applies to online orders and purchases shipped in a package. These services are motivated by the need for online shoppers to purchase from international retailers as well as the desire to overcome cross-border online shopping obstacles. Some of these obstacles include high international shipping rates, paying for orders and shipping and transit safety.

Parcel forwarding companies ship items in large amounts to different parts of the globe. Because of this, they get better discounts and rates, making it possible to pass on the lower costs to sellers.

Benefits of utilizing parcel forwarding services

There are numerous advantages of buying products online; one of them being free shipping. For instance, most new websites provide free shipping services to the locals. Therefore, one can buy the free shipping product alongside discount coupons. In other cases, many sellers provide discount coupons to individuals so that maximum sale can happen. This is common during festivity seasons like the Christmas and the New Year when sellers give special offers to their clients.

When you use parcel forwarding service, you can benefit from their:

  • Domestic and international knowledge in the shipping industry
  • Resources and their ability to pull volumes so as to reduce costs
  • Parcel tracking services
  • Co-operation with other global couriers

In additions, these service providing companies can:

  • Handle the shipping and export documents on your behalf.
  • Consolidate packages- that is combining smaller parcels from various customers into a shipment hence reducing transportation costs.
  • Repackage the parcels that haven’t met the set international shipping packaging standards. In some cases, the parcels can arrive at the distribution hub when they are damaged, too large, or insecurely sealed. Such parcels get repacked.

How it works

When one places an order, the parcel forwarding company receives the products from the seller along with the destination address. They will take the products and ship them directly to the buyer. A common process used by most companies is listed below:

  • The company adds its delivery choices to the check-out, including the seller’s existing ones.
  • The buyer selects one of the listed delivery options and then places the order normally.
  • The service providing company gets the order and sends the buyer an email confirmation along with the parcel’s tracking number.
  • The seller takes, packs, and sends the package to the provided shipping address.
  • The service company gets the parcels at a local hub. The products are scanned and identified with the tracking number.
  • A new package label is printed with the address of the buyer, and then the parcel is shipped to the final destination.
  • The service providing company delivers the products and addresses all concerns, including answering any necessary questions.