Chocolate Industry – How Is It Changing With the Advancement in Technology?


Many decades ago, chocolate was consumed by only a limited section of the society. With the passing years, the world has seen a gradual increase in the manufacturers and sellers of chocolate all over the world.

Nobody is untouched from its tempting smell and flavor.  It has continued to drive more and more people of varying age groups crazy about it. Thus, chocolate industry has seen a gradual evolution over the past years.

How was chocolate prepared in olden times?

In the olden days, people did not have advanced tools and machinery to turn cacao into chocolate form. They used manual procedures to extract beans from ripe cacao pods, ferment them followed by a drying procedure. On roasting these dried beans, chocolates were produced.

On crushing those into a powder base and heating them resulted in cocoa butter and cocoa mass. On re-mixing both of them together, and cooling it, finalized product as “chocolate” was produced.

With the advancement in technology, specialized tools and automated systems were being used by chocolate manufacturing companies. This greatly improved the quality and efficiency of the chocolate production.

Chocolate in different brands and tastes

For the past several years, only a few prominent monolithic chocolate brands had dominated the entire market. People got bored of the same tastes they had to offer to people.

Almost all the different variations of the chocolate they used to sell in the market were milk chocolate. It was that time that bitter flavored dark chocolate was introduced in the market hoping that it would be appreciated by the consumer. People started to buy bulk chocolate of this kind.

Emergence of dark chocolate

Milk chocolates continued to capture the market as it was the flavor that was loved by children. With the introduction of dark chocolates, 51 percent of teenagers and adults started loving it.

This had increased the sales of the dark chocolate as well. The popularity of dark chocolate leads to an increase in its demand by 9 percent whereas the growth of milk bar was only 6 percent.

This was also due to the reason that dark chocolate had low levels of sugar and antioxidant properties that were helpful in providing several health benefits. This awareness about dark chocolate among people resulted in more and more fans of this product.

With continuous progress in the chocolate industry, people have benefitted with different types of mouth-watering chocolate variations in the market.