Do You Really Need TV License? How Do You Know If You Need To Pay Or Not?


Many people still don’t know that they need a license to watch live TV on television or on other gadgets. No matter whether you choose television, tablet, smart-phone, games, console, or any kind of other device to watch live TV, you will have to pay fees and require having license.

However, you don’t need to have one if you watch the content after it is been shown on the television. You can easily renew or even buy your license on TV Licensing website or through TV licence phone number.

Do you need a license even if you don’t watch live TV?

Many of the people believe that you will need to be covered by TV license if you technically have ability to watch live TV, but you don’t actually watch it! Well, you do not require a license in that case. So, if you have a satellite dish/TV/roof with built in features or anything, but if you don’t watch live TV, you will not be in need of license.

How to check whether you are due for a refund?

It is possible to get refund on TV license. How? If any one of the following pointers applies to you, you can get refund!

  • If you are going to move in with someone who has already a TV license or somewhere where you are not going to watch live TV.

  • If TV license holder has died then it is likely that refund might be due to estate.
  • If you already have license, but won’t record or watch programmes before expiration of your license.

You can easily apply for a refund online for up to 2 years after expiration of your license. You may even need to print refund form as well as supply evidence for the same.

If you think that you can fool the TV licensing officers by not paying, then you are highly mistaken! These officers catch around 900 people daily who try to avoid paying amount for their license. They have a well maintained database with addresses which serves as major tool for catching the evaders. They may also make use of detection equipment like hi-tech detectors and vans.

In this internet age, it is very important to have proper understanding about the rules even if they seem complicated at first. The above information will surely help you out!