Everything You Need for a Professional Cricket Facility


No matter if you run a school, club, or are in charge of local government decisions regarding competitive and recreational cricket, a wicket replacement or even the full construction of a cricket facility is difficult to put off forever. This time-honoured game is something many enjoy playing across the continent, and you need a professional company capable of handling any small or large project in regard to the construction and installation of such a facility. Having professionals on your side should keep costs low from the beginning with beautiful end results.

Key Features

Whenever you need to have a new cricket facility built, there are certain key features you should inquire about before construction. First and foremost, the colour of the facility should be impressive and easily followed by players. This should make the location suitable for both beginners and those with advanced capabilities, which will allow more people to play and enjoy the facilities over the course of the year.

All marked areas on the pitch should be clearly visible and remain there even after constant use, which is not something that is possible with traditional grass options. For this reason, you should take the time to look for installation services that utilise synthetic grass types. Also look for companies with features exclusive to their service to ensure you get the absolute best results without exception, especially if you worry about quality moving forward.

Types of Grass

Synthetic cricket pitches in Sydney can be built relatively quickly, and having professionals on your side to help you choose the best grass type can only expedite the process. The right companies utilise Australian-made options such as Centurion, which are created with local and imported materials utilising 100 percent recycled PET yarn. Each cricket pitch should also be made using an average of more than 1500 recycled plastic bottles to not only create a beautiful pitch, but also help reduce its environmental impact on the world.

Another option should be 9mm shield all rounder, which is a reliable, durable, and strong pitch designed to stand up to the passing of time. This also promotes a medium pace and bounce, allowing players to enjoy time more effectively during training and practice. The results will be a beautiful green facility with everything needed for a great game or practice.


When searching for a reliable company for the project, you must know what type of services are needed to get the project done for the most cost-effective price. Look for companies happy to construct the batting cages with materials that include a concrete slab, fencing, draw curtains, and surface installation. The same company should offer to supply and install any new or replacement wickets, as well as repair and maintain the facility moving forward.

Whether you want to offer a location for people to play recreationally, train, or as part of a club, you can trust the best company to handle it all. Having a comprehensive service on your side to simplify the project should keep costs low and satisfaction high. After all is said and done, this is the best thing you could ask for when needing a new cricket facility.