Everything You Need to Know about CNC Machining


There are many general engineering workshops throughout Perth that offer basic machining and milling services. Whether you need custom machining, turning services, or if you just require a standard machining process to be completed on any particular application, you will need to find an experienced company that offers such services. Depending upon your application and the machining capabilities of the company, you will first need to ask whether the company has the equipment and the expertise to complete the work. Here are some important things you should know about the CNC machining and milling process.

What Is CNC Machining?

CNC stands for computer numerical control, a simple term that refers to the automation of different types of machining tools in order to automate the process and ensure that machining is done with much more accuracy and precision. The commands are inputted into a smaller computer which deciphers them for the machine and then determines the path to be taken for the machining process. CNC machining and turning machining in Perth is done using complex computers, rather than being done with manual machines that are operated by levers, or mechanical operation through cams. When working with manual machinery, there’s always a very high risk of human error. Therefore, to combat such an issue, a machine is connected with an external controller. An engineer is required to input the specific commands for the machining work, and the machine will do the rest. The work is done at a CNC turning centre.


CNC machines are commonly used throughout Perth and in many other urban cities for a number of reasons. The applications generally vary depending upon the industry in which they are deployed. For instance, CNC mills can be used in tandem with computer controls to cut different kinds of materials. The computer controller is capable of deciphering the specific numbers and letters in order to carefully move the spindle to different depths and locations. One of the most common programming languages being used in the industry is G-Code, which is a standardised language that is understood by a large number of CNC machines.

CNC machines are also used for lathes, and are capable of performing short runs for machining complex parts. Certain complex parts cannot be made by hand, and in order to get the work done, CNC lathes are the only choice available. These mills and machines are capable of reading the G-code as well as the proprietary programming language created by the manufacturer.

Getting Machining Done

If you want to create a complex part for your machinery, you will need to look for a CNC Machining company in your area. As mentioned earlier, there are several companies in Perth you can approach. After discussing the details of the parts that need to be machined or milled, the company will give you a quote for their services. You can then decide whether the pricing is suitable or not and go ahead with the machining or milling process.