German Khan – Effective Russia Businessman


Forbes magazine listing of fortune begin to mention Russian businessman within their listing of 100 wealthiest people on the planet. Individuals Russian businessmen indexed by Forbes fortune 100 covered with youthful individuals with significant development of business, German Khan is one. This past year his wealth believed achieve US$ 13.9 billion and placed 54th in Forbes fortune 100.

Born in Ukraine October 26th 1962, German Khan finished Moscow Institute Steel and Alloys in 1988. Khan began his first company in 1989 with two uncle Mikhail Fridman and Alexei Kuzmichev, his first company Alfa Eco, commodity buying and selling company. Alfa Eco now grew to become Alfa Group, Khan’s holding company that spread his business from banking, buying and selling, telecommunication, gas and oil.

Alfa Group runs the banking business through Alfa Bank. Alfa Bank as own the greatest network in Russia, supplying service in corporate banking, retail and investment bank. Its branch achieve Kazakhstan, London, New You are able to, Amsterdam and among the big 10 bank in Ukraine. Nowadays Alfa Bank already grew to become the greatest bank in Russia. Alfa group also own Alfa Capital Management that offer wealth management. Alfa Strakhovanie Group is Alfa Group Company in insurance business.

Alfa Bank acknowledged as the marketplace leader in Russia Banking, Khan and the Alfa Group entering new section of business, gas and oil business. Tyumen Oil Corporation is Russia gas and oil company that facing financial problem when Alfa group got it in 1997. Tyumen financial problem solved by in 3 years in 2000 and Khan altered its name to TNK. Financial Occasions, an worldwide newspaper, awarded TNK because the best oil company on the planet and in 2000.

In 2003 Khan merge TNK to SIDANCO. SIDANCO is really a BP Russia subsidiaries company. The brand new company known as TNK-BP own not under US$ 6.7 billion, TNK_BP also own 50% shares of Slavneft, Russia Gas Company. Khan was hired as leader in TNK-BP because both TNK and BP take into account that Khan could bridges the space between BP, like a British company, and TNK, like a Russia company.

TNK-BP starts its new oil business following the merger in Uvat, Russia in 2005. TNK-BP invests USTwo Dollars billion in Uvat project that believed to carry 120 million barrel of oil. Lately TNK-BP also manages gas and oil retail sales through STBP holding that own 1600 service station in Russia and Ukraine. This past year TNK-BP considered to be involved with oil explorations in Iraq.

Khan’s last relocate business was through telecommunication industry, Altimo because the market leader in Russia telecommunication and in other former Ussr country is among the Alfa group company.

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