Most people do freelancing so that they can earn some money. Some do it as a full-time job while others do it as a part time job. The rate is fixed per word. Some people also charge hourly rates, according to the project, by page. A beginner freelance writer might have no idea what they should charge per word. There are content writing agencies who fix the rate. The rate also depends upon the content writing services.

For beginners and intermediate content writers, the common types of rates include per word, per project, and per hour. The clients will fix what type of rates they are aiming for and the most commonly used type is per word. This will also depend on the kinds of writing. Article writing may be on per word basis.

A freelance writer might charge according to the services. A Content writing agency might charge their clients according to the services they need.  For blog writings or website articles, a beginner might charge $0.05-$0.08 per word. While an intermediate might charge $0.08-$0.15 per word. Different types of writing have different types of earning potential. Online writing, web content, blogging, SEO writing and content mill will provide a lower rate. Some of the high paying freelance works are technical, medical and scientific writing projects and marketing/ PR products such as commercial campaigns, media kits, and advertorials. For advertising copywriting the average rate is $1.63 per word. For email copywriting the average rate is $1.12 per word. The rate differs according to the content writing services the clients require.

The content writing agencies have a fixed rate for their writers. They fix a rate per word. Some agencies fix the rate at hourly rates also. They fix rate according to the services the clients need and also according to the level which the writer belongs. The rate for beginner differs from experienced writers. For some services, they fix a rate per page. Some agencies fix $1.6 for 100 words. Some agencies might pay their writers up to $0.08 per word. They might give $3.3 for 100 words to their copywriters. The rates depend on the agencies and the level of writers. Some clients might wish to work with professionals and the rate will be different from other writers. Some of the freelance websites which offerc ontent writing services are,,,, etc.

Real estate copywriters are those who write to sell someone’s property. The service which the copywriters offer is to write the text copy for advertisements to sell or lease out a property. The real estate copywriters work for real estate agents who have lots of work to be completed in a short span of time. Such real estate agents might hire real estate copywriters to help them sell a property. Real estate copywriting includes consists of catchy property marketing line, property address details, two paragraphs of content, feature points of the property.  It is mainly based on marketing field. They help in writing newsletters for the customers, online marketing campaigns, real estate agency marketing support, and property copywriting and so on. A real estate copywriter must have knowledge about the real estate and also the demands. Mostly writers of this type charge per hour. It might be from $9-$15 per hour depending on the need and writers. Some of the websites which provide real estate copywriting services are,, etc.