How to Use Technology to Improve Management Results


Today’s offices are more and more centers for specialized technology. We see software that is developed for everything from communication to organization, frequently with an eye towards a specific industry. But can technology help the management level of an enterprise sized business to succeed beyond simply making life simpler?

There are some management tools out there that have given many businesses great success, when implemented with care and forethought. From tools such as the Microsoft Dynamics 365 that helps managers coordinate various departments under one dashboard to collaboration tools such as Slacker and Zoho, technology is evolving in the office sector. Here is a look at how you can use them to make your own department or office a leaner and more efficient team.

Connection Tools for Far Flung Teams

Chances are at least some of your team or department either works a flex schedule, partly out of their home office or is a remote worker who is always not physically there. The challenge for this new approach to work is to still have a sense of teamwork even if everyone is not at the office each day.

Collaboration tools such as Slacker help many teams to share ideas and resources. Old school software such as Salesforce is often used in this manner and Skype continues to be a great conferencing tool for brainstorming sessions. Don’t let the fact that your workforce is scattered, sometimes even across the globe, get in the way of some real collaboration and connection among team members. The technology is there to stay connected as much as anyone could wish to be.

Stay Organized

Nothing kills a meeting faster than when you can’t lay your hands on that important chart or slide. Even though the advent of computers was supposed to deliver a paperless office, and we are moving in that direction still, that doesn’t mean you can’t lose documents. In this age of endless information, it is harder than ever to keep track, but there are apps out there that can help.

One example of how technology can help with this is the app Attach, which tracks all your documents. It tells you when you last pulled it out, where you are storing it now and where copies of it has drifted to on your desktop and elsewhere. Vital for anyone who has enormous amounts of information on everything from PowerPoint slides to PDFs to keep track of and use.

Stay Within Reach

Even though so many of today’s staff work from a variety of locations including home offices, remote offices and even sometimes from our cars, it is important to stay reachable at all times. That is where the technology that allows calls to follow you to any device, at any place, is so handy.

Softphones and the ubiquitous find-me-follow-me applications for smartphones and tablets make keeping in touch with every member of your team easier. Insist on it for any remote workers to keep everyone in the loop at all times.

These just are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to technology and the office. The reality is that today’s office teams can work from anywhere, collaborate with every type of device and remain a productive team. It all comes down to implementing the tech you have at hand.