Increase your daily savings with e-cigs


Those people who are into the habit of smoking tend to lose a substantial portion of their savings in smoking. But with the invention of e-cigarettes the cost to the smoker has been significantly reduced. While the average cost of a pack of tobacco cigarettes ranges somewhere between $7 and $12 leading to the total monthly expense on smoking to around $300 the expense is much less for e-cigs. While the start-up kit is slightly on the higher range the monthly cost reduces to almost half of tobacco cigs depending on the flavor opted for. Moreover, e-cigs at present are not subject to any kind of taxes keeping the cost to a much lower level.

An odor-free smoking option

This is a known fact that cigarettes have a distinctive odor which can be smelled from quite a distance. This is sometimes quite disturbing for those who are non-smokers. But with the introduction of e-cigarettes in the market such a problem has been completely eliminated. Electronic cigarettes do not emit that irritating and choking smell that sticks on to the hair and clothes of the smoker. Instead the smoker will be able to get a taste of the sweet aroma of different flavors of their choice such as strawberry, vanilla, chocolate and many more.

These flavors are available in the form of eliquid that is required to be filled into the cartridge of the e-cig. Moreover, the scent of the flavor won’t persist for a long period making it easier for the smoker to get rid of the odor. Vaping being an odorless activity is quite hard to detect. Therefore, if a person is not seen smoking it will be almost impossible to know if that person has a smoking habit. The vaping option is noticeably different from the heavy smoke of a tobacco cigar because it emits vapor and not smoke.

No accumulation of ash

For those who are into the habit of smoking traditional cigarettes should carry an ashtray as a necessary accessory. For those smoking outdoors often tend to leave cigarette butts on the ground thereby polluting the environment and making the area more unsightly. But smokers of an e-cig need not worry about an ashtray since there is no combustion or flame or cigarette butts to deal with. There is also no problem of second-hand smoke which runs a substantial risk of transmitting diseases from one person to another. Such a habit will reduce litter and improve cleanliness of the environment making it a more socially acceptable smoking habit.

While vaping, those around the smoker and the smoker himself will also get to observe the benefits that this smoking habit provides. The smoke-like mist that is emitted from the e-liquid of the electronic cigar is nothing more than water-based vapor that dissipates into the atmosphere within seconds without creating any air pollution. Therefore, individuals who are in search of a flexible smoking option to enjoy nicotine should switch over from the traditional smoking form to the modern electronic smoking.