Introduction to Rigging Equipment


The world of rigging equipment is a specialised sector that many untrained workers in the industrial and mechanical fields of business are not familiar with. Thus, many of the terms that are used throughout this sector can be hard to understand at first. For businesses or people who are interested in this sector, this brief guide to rigging equipment can help to give an employee a better understanding of what this is and why it is necessary within the working industry.

Basic Rigging and Equipment Materials

The basic materials that almost any type of business is going to utilise include several different types of hardware.

  1. Wire rope: This type of rope is threaded wires that are weaved together to make a strong and sturdy rope. Some of the types of wire rope include:
    • Stainless steel
    • Steel wire rope

Basic Rigging and Equipment Materials

Other types of tools associated with this type of product include:

  • Wire rope cutters: Special cutting mechanisms for this type of rope
  • Wire rope slings: use to attach wire rope and secure this on objects
  1. Chains and hooks are used for a wide degree of jobs. There are several different types including:
  • Alloy chains
  • Mesh hooks
  • Bale hooks
  • Stainless steel chain

All of these are often used in conjunction with ropes and other hardware in order to lift heavy objects or materials.

Other types of tools associated

Specific Rigging Tools

There are several specific rigging tools that may not be used consistently in one market, but are still fundamentals to have.

  • Vehicle Recovery Slings: These are used in helping to recovery vehicles, whether this be from an accident or the vehicle simply getting off road. These slings are designed to be used with a vehicle in order to effectively and safely get a vehicle back on the road.
  • Lifting Attachments: These types of attachments are used with heavy machinery in order to make the job of lifting heavy materials even easier. These lifting attachments can either be bolted on, or even welded on for permanent use.
  • Railway Handling Equipment: This type of equipment is used for handling rails that are heavy and dangerous. The equipment is meant to make lifting these beams and moving these beams much easier and safer.
  • Harnesses: These are often used when height safety is an issue. There are those that attach to a person to ensure that when at a height, they are still safe. There are several systems that All-Ways Rigging offers, so the business can find the one that best suits their needs.


Rigging equipment is a very in-depth world, and this small introduction is in no way meant to be a formal education on this sector. For those who utilise All-Ways Rigging for their tools and equipment, they will find that they can receive safety classes on how to use this equipment, as well as safety precautions to be aware of.