Portable Toilets Can Actually Be Quite Nice These Days


Large outdoor events are popular in this part of the world, mainly because of the pleasant weather experienced throughout most of the year. If you are a business that is in the middle of organising a concert, wedding reception, or a corporate event such as a retreat or board meeting, one of the items that you will need for the event is a set of portable toilets for the attendees. Although many people are unaware of this, portable toilets are not just available in the outhouse-type design. They range from those portable toilets to complete facilities that have individual stalls, efficient hand-washing sinks, and even showers. They come in accessible models and can be quite large if you need to accommodate large groups of people. In fact, regardless of how many people you are expecting at your event, you can find a portable toilet set to accommodate the attendees and you can lease these items at prices that won’t break the bank.

What Can They Do for You Today?

Toilet hire companies offer a wide range of toilet designs from single toilets to facilities that offer up to eight stalls and numerous urinals as well as hand-washing basins and mirrors. In fact, many of these facilities look just like regular bathrooms except that they are temporary and not permanent. They include amenities such as special vacuum flush capabilities that eliminate odour and the nasty chemicals sometimes used in portable toilets. Most companies that offer a portable toilet hire in Adelaide will also come out every day and clean and deodorise the toilets so whether you rent them for several days or several weeks, there is no need to worry about them smelling bad after a certain amount of time. They offer both basic and deluxe models as well as unisex, male- or female-only, and urinal-only models as well as many other products that are needed for outdoor events so you can contact these companies anytime you need hygienic facilities for any type of gathering in the great outdoors.

Other Products Are Available

In addition to toilets, these companies also offer products that include temporary fencing, water tanks, hydration stations, showers, catering sinks, and individual hand-washing stations, each with its own advantages and each useful in certain situations. Many of these companies offer other perks for a small extra fee such as bathroom attendants, cloth towels, and a higher-quality soap. Many companies are also switching to products that are more environmentally friendly so you can hire these products knowing that you are doing your part to help Mother Earth. If you are unsure what you need, these companies can come to you and discuss your event with you and then give you a free no-obligation quote when they are done. In fact, this is the best way to determine exactly what you need and how much it will cost so if you are even considering hiring public toilets for your next event, researching and contacting different companies is the best place to start.