Re-Engineer your Office for More Efficiency


Most businesses overlook the importance of office design and tend to make do with what resources they have, reluctant to spend on something that will not increase productivity. This misconception is gradually disappearing, as more and more managers and owners see the benefits of an office refit. The ideal office space will be laid out to maximise collaboration between concerned parties, so it is essential to consider each and every employee, and determine their role within the organisation.

Why think of a refit?

Consider things like staff morale, look at the office environment from an outsider’s point of view, and ask yourself the question, would I want to work here? When was the last time the furniture was changed? If you can’t recall, then the time has come for a revamp. If your business is UK based, Saracen Interiors craft contemporary office redesigns, and the design will be centred around the needs of the business.

A more efficient workforce

A well designed office will promote efficiency, and with the right décor, your staff will feel more motivated, and this alone, will result in a more efficient workforce. Studies have shown that there is a direct connection between high morale and the office environment, and by enlisting the help of an office design team, you will reap the benefits of their experience.

Everything has its place

This concept is one that all office designs should incorporate, and if all the necessary items have their own storage space, things won’t get cluttered. A cluttered office is more to do with the staff than the design, so perhaps organise a workshop on keeping the office tidy, or issue a suitable memo to all staff, outlining the issues and suggesting remedies. Having said that, if the office doesn’t have adequate storage space, then things will soon become cluttered, so make this a priority when discussing plans for the new layout.

Modern gadgets

The latest designs in office furniture and equipment means that things can be streamlined, with fold away cabinets and worktops, and desktop lamps that can be hidden when not being used. A ceiling  track, on which sits five or six spotlights that can be directed in any direction will give you amazing lighting capabilities, from one small unit, and with LED solutions, you will be saving energy too.

Notice boards and charts

There should always be a place to post important notices, and with motivational posters evenly dispersed, your workforce will be constantly reminded of positivity, and best practices in the workplace. Whiteboards are always useful, especially when brainstorming, and these can be set up in suitable areas such as the meeting section, and also in the communal rest area.

Planning the workstations

In order to plan effectively, the design team needs to know who does what, and with whom. Only then can they design the workstations, ensuring that people who work closely together are situated in accessible areas. You might want to add a few workstations, for the expansion that will more than likely be the result of a more empowered workforce. It never hurts to have extra terminals, and they can be used whenever repairs put one out of action. If you would like some further reading about office design, and how it can affect productivity, here is an informative article that discusses many possible variables.

Employee participation

If you have decided to refit the office, why not send out a questionnaire and ask your staff what they think about the environment? The workforce will respond more positively, if they have a say in the design process, and they may bring good ideas to the table, as they are the people who work in the environment. Each employee should be given the chance to voice their opinion over any changes made to the working environment, and after a series of meetings, you will have a clear picture of what needs to be done to create the ideal working environment.

Reengineering your office

Reengineering is a buzzword from the 90’s and focuses on streamlining the organisation, for more productivity. This concept can also be applied to the working environment, and with everybody involved, the new office should reflect the needs of the workers and the company. It isn’t recommended to tackle the renovation yourself, so contact a professional office refit company, and they can take your concept and turn it into reality at an affordable cost. As a business owner, you must remember that investing in the office layout has more of a return that just a change of atmosphere, as productivity and staff morale will both be increased, and a happy worker is both motivated and efficient.

A meeting of minds

It might be an idea to introduce the design team to your staff, let them get to know each other, and before long the design team will have a clear picture of what is needed. Of course, the owner would have the final say, but by involving the workforce in the design stage, you can be confident that the new office will be well received. Employees that are not consulted about changes in the working environment will always feel like an outsider, so get your people involved and make them feel like they are an integral part of the business, after all, they are.

The refit itself

Most companies cannot afford the luxury of a 3 day break while the work is carried out, and an established refit company would be able to phase the work in such a way as to not disrupt the day to day running of the business. IT experts will ensure that your website stays online, and they can also advise on suitable hardware or network connections that might be needed. When all is finished and the staff are back at work, the refit supervisor would spend some time troubleshooting, and making sure everything is in order.

Productivity and office design are intrinsically linked, and by utilising a professional designer, and involving the employees, you are sure to end up with the ideal working environment.