Sometimes the Simplest Items are the Most Useful


Also known as a sip strip or a wire tie, a cable tie is often used to securely fasten heavier items in the construction industry. Warehouse operations also use the ties as they are great for binding shipments. Because of their diameter and flexibility, they are ideal for this type of work.

A Supportive and Dependable Aid

The police and military also use the cable tie for several tasks. Because ties can be positioned and adjusted for use, the police and military employ the ties for binding objects or for handcuffing individuals. Actually, a handcuff is a type of cable tie – proof that the tie itself is a supportive and dependable aid.

Stainless Steel and Nylon Ties

Zip ties are also used for binding and tying items. These ties consist of stainless steel and are used for a variety of applications. However, the regular variety of cable ties are usually made from stabilised nylon. Often nylon is preferred for tying insulation and wiring. Because of a cable tie’s durability, it is definitely a better choice than string.

No Need to Make a Knot

First of all, string can be dangerous when it is used for tying cables or electrical wiring. For example, if you use string over a cable tie, you may get entangled in the cabling and you can inadvertently untie a string or loosen and disconnect wiring. Happily, when you use a cable tie, you do not have to deal with knots. The nylon tie designed so you can easily adjust and tie it.

Ladder Ties

A popular type of ties features a bar-lock design and a tensile strength of approximately 18kg. These ties, which are also called ladder ties, can be purchased in a variety of colours, including dark green, black, aqua, red, purple, yellow, pink, navy, or orange. Typically, a bag of any style cable tie contains from 100 to 1,000 ties.

Keep Plants Upright

Cable ties are as affordable as they are practical. You can use them on a job site, in the office, or at home. You can also recycle them for reuse. For instance, you can use a cable tie to keep plants upright at home or the office. Just make sure that you do not secure the binding too tight.

Do You Need to Fix a Zipper Pull?

You can also use the ties to keep your cords organised or to tie items for storage. They can even be used for fixing a zipper pull or for repairing a necklace. For example, you can loop a tie through either side of a necklace to replace a clasp.

Unclog a Drain

You can even clean a drain with the all-purpose cable tie. First, take a long piece of the tie and diagonally cut marks into it about half-way. Cut the marks so they are angled toward the top of the tie. Then, insert the tie into the clogged drain to pull out the blockage.

A Handy Little Tool and Binder

Needless to say, whether you need a cable tie for work or home, it is a handy little tool and binder. You simply cannot go wrong with the aid of this purchase.