Take the Next Step Toward Clean Hands


Whether you just established your business or wish to upgrade your facilities, warm air dryers are the only option worth considering anymore. From the costly expense of paper goods to the positive impact on the environment, you cannot go wrong with this simple, cost effective upgrade.

A decade ago, many facility owners and managers shook their heads at the idea of installing hand dryers. The new machines seemed to have an unreasonable price tag, made too much noise, and sprayed water everywhere. What they did not realise at the time is that these simple machines not only save money, but reduce a facility’s carbon footprint.

However, as time went on, dryers became more efficient while their prices dropped. Now warm air dryers are not only cost effective, but also one of the most popular items on the market for almost every size of facility. Whether you own a simple, family-run bistro or an enormous, multi-story corporate building, you can only save money with the choice to upgrade from paper goods to air dryers.

Take a Look at the Numbers

Money does not lie, and facilities that install high-speed hand dryers see their investment returned in the first year. With higher performance rates and higher efficiency, you will see a 95 percent decrease in costs compared to paper goods. Labour, maintenance, and waste are completely eliminated, so you also save indirectly on cleaning supplies and hours paid to maintenance workers.

About 17 large trees can create a tonne of paper, and the average cost of paper is 2p per towel. Hand dryers use 1/10th of a penny. With so much saved, it is extremely simple to return the money spent on the units. In fact, once you stop buying paper goods, you will see your investment returned, and then money flow in behind it. With less budget allocated to paper and maintenance, you can focus on more important aspects of your facility. Independent hand dryer experts at Electrical Deals Direct, for example, can provide any style, brand, or strength of hand dryer you might need.

The Environmental Benefits

One reason hand dryers became so popular was the positive environmental impact of their use. With environmental awareness higher than it has ever been, it is in the best interest of business owners to lessen their carbon footprint in every way possible. The greener your practices as a business, the better your clients will perceive you.

Unlike the first hand dryers that came out years ago, modern hand dryers use standard voltages and use as much as 80 percent less energy to get the job done. Hand dryers are not only ten times as effective as they once were; they also reduce the use of paper goods in a facility by 40 percent or more.

Unlike with paper goods, there is no waste left behind with the use of a hand dryer. Although paper goods are biodegradable, they still contribute to deforestation and landfills. There is no longer a reason good enough not to make the switch, so do so now and watch the money roll in without any help from you.