The Benefits of Customer Service Outsourcing


When businesses are looking for ways to cut overhead expenses, one of the first places they look is the technology and customer service departments. These are the people responsible for handling customer questions and concerns as they arise. With the advent of technology, much of this work can now be performed remotely. This means that businesses are no longer limited by the physical geography of their business and can hire people from great distances. This opens the employer up to a new job market and gives them a wide variety of people to choose from. There are numerous benefits to outsourcing customer service departments that businesses should be aware of.

Outsourcing a Customer Service Department can Cut Costs

Everyone has picked up the phone to talk to customer service only to realize that the representative is not in the local area. This is because businesses have outsourced customer service to another location in an effort to cut costs. It’s no secret that jobs pay differently depending on people’s location both in the country and in the world. If a business can pay to set up phone lines and computers in a cheaper location, they can pay those employees less to do the same job. This frees up funds that can be spent in other areas of the company. Furthermore, the business might be subject to different tax laws and regulations that could also save the business large amounts of money. Customer service outsourcing is a great way to save money on overhead expenses.

Outsourcing a Customer Service Department can Lead to 24/7 Customer Assistance

Another key benefit of customer service outsourcing is the ability to staff a customer service department 24 hours per day, seven days per week. One of the problems with trying to do this locally is that people don’t want to work the night shift. By shifting the load on a customer service department across multiple time zones with outsourcing, businesses can have people on call 24 hours per day because it may not be nighttime where the outsourced department is based. This will improve the morale and loyalty of customers who are satisfied with the exceptional hours of the customer service department. This translates to increased business growth.

Outsourcing Customer Service Departments Allows Companies to Hire More People

One of the common problems that people complain about with customer service is the long wait times that sometimes accompany a phone call. When businesses outsource a customer service department, they typically wind up paying employees less. This means that businesses have more money to hire more representatives. With more people fielding phone calls from customers, the wait times for assistance drop and customer concerns are handled in a timely manner. Companies won’t have to deal with customers complaining about long wait times if they outsource customer service.