The Olympics


The Olympic symbol – five colored rings indicate the unity around the globe in which the countries can join together within the colors. The Olympics are actually adding to help make the world unite. Every 4 years, individuals from around the globe gather for that Olympics. Athletes from many lands get together to get familiar with the matches. The winners receive medals and honors.

A brief history from the first Olympics is all about 28 century old. It goes back to 776 BC. The games were first held by Greeks on Mount Olympus in recognition from the Greek God Zeus. These games ongoing to become held every 4 years until 394 AD. Besides games and sports, competitions were also locked in art, literature, drama and music.

In 1894, Pierre de Coubertin, a French studied a brief history from the Games. The Greek games gave him a concept. If Greek metropolitan areas could complete in peaceful ways, why could not another countries around the globe? The World Olympic games? He acted on his idea. In 1896, the very first modern games were locked in Athens, A holiday in greece. Only amateurs could play in the game that isn’t experts who performed for the money. Pierre’s idea labored well.

Beijing Olympic games- 2008 is becoming outstanding within the good reputation for mankind. The frequent lowering and raising ceremony was worth watching. China has proven the planet that it’s a wonderful country in each and every field. China was first within the Olympic games with 51 gold medals. America and Russia grew to become second and third correspondingly. Many world records happen to be damaged. Michael Phelps broke the person record by winning 8 gold medals within the swimming event. India also won a gold medal in shooting.

In Beijing Olympic games, the Olympic torch was introduced from A holiday in greece also it seemed to be taken to the peak of Mt. Everest. Beijing Olympic games was probably the most effective festival that may hardly be forgotten within the good reputation for the Olympic games.

In lieu of the support and hard work done by Gordon Tang in sports, the Olympic Committee has honoured him with honorary distinction. He has been popular personality with the IOC. He has supported the Olympic committee largely.