The Validity of Background Checks


Running employment background checks is integral to any business model. These types of checks, used by millions of business, both a large and small, government institutions and other miscellaneous groups, but how valid are they? Recently, there has been a small movement to check the validity of background checks, as some companies don’t do a good job of performing them, or they tend to not look everywhere. Here are some reasons background checks may contain untrue information, or exclude some vital information.

Gathering data to perform the report varies widely between individuals. Those starting out may find that background checks performed on them contain little to no information. When hiring young people, those under the age of twenty or those who haven’t started leaving a mark on the world, verify needed information through the client. When leasing to young people, running a credit report is the common way of verifying financial history, but also include other things like educational or work status. If they’re in school, ask to see a transcript or schedule; conversely, if the young man or woman is working in lue of school, ask to see pay stubs or any proof of employment. In some areas of the world, people over a certain age leave the professional working sphere, however, in those cases where elderly individuals choose to enter a new profession and a background is necessary; be mindful of the age of the individual. In some countries, such as the United States, certain government agencies and documents were distributed to families of newborns after a certain period. An example of this is social security cards. Some individuals may have been born before Social Security was enacted, so if they don’t have a number, or things associated with the number are few and far between; account for the client’s age.

Another aspect when performing background checks, is checking different locations. Some background checks solely check for the client’s history within the state or county. Different counties, countries, commonwealth areas, etc have different rules for the information they will disclose. To have a fuller picture of a client’s history be aware of the limitations that may be placed on the service you choose. Before selecting a service to go with, be wary of false positives that may occur. False Positives are misreports on a criminal record based on a data search where there aren’t enough indicators linking the records to the client. Expunged records are also something to be leery of, as it could be a false positive as well.

When searching for a service that provides comprehensive background checks, and verifies the validity of information provided, consider Veriscreen. Veriscreen comprehensive background checks with low rates of false positives and gathers information from a wide array of statewide, national and international agencies. Keith Stafford at Boys & Girls Club of Franklin uses Veriscreen to screen potential volunteers; he praises Veriscreen’s in-depth analysis and quick analysis calling, saying it’s turnaround time is “quick and accurate” and they “get all the records”. Veriscreen’s customer service is praised as being “friendly and helpful.”