Things to check before buying a used car in Bangalore


Bangalore is a city of young people. With the job market strong in the city, there is also an influx of people from across the country that come to the city for jobs, business and even for pleasure and travel. Further, since the local transport system is not always reliable in Bangalore, it leads to a high demand for personal vehicles. Sadly, the city roads are not very suitable for bike riders and hence, cars are the most commonly preferred personal vehicles in the city.

Among cars, the younger population always wishes ‘I want used Hyundai Verna car in Bangalore’ and for bigger and better cars. Since most of this population is in service, new cars are neither affordable, nor a great investment. Therefore, they prefer older, used cars that are cheaper to buy and can also be sold easily when they leave the city.

Which Used cars to buy in Bangalore

Bangalore, like any other metro city in India, offers people the opportunity to buy just about any car. Among the younger population, bigger cars like Hyundai Verna, Maruti DZire, or Honda City. Hyundai Verna falls in the category of cars that’s good to drive, gives a good mileage and is easy on the pocket.

Things to Check before buying a used car

In India, we often face the problem of people conning or duping others especially with used products – be it cars or home appliances. Therefore, it is very important to check the actual vehicle before buying the same. One must check the kilometres the car has run for, the condition of the tyres, the year of manufacture/ purchase, the engine, warranties, pollution control etc.

Another key thing that one must check before buying a used car is the availability of finance options. Sometimes, certain banks do not offer car loans on vehicles which are over 10 years old or are nearing that time. Therefore, it is important that these things are taken into consideration before making that purchase.