Three Benefits to Running a Business in Switzerland


With the uncertainty of what Brexit will mean to the United Kingdom and the European Union, Switzerland is preparing itself for an influx of foreign companies. Whether you have a company that you’re considering moving or are thinking about a tech startup, running it in Switzerland can have many advantages. Here are three benefits of moving to or starting a company in Switzerland.

Great Location

One of the advantages of having a company in Switzerland is its location. If you have customers throughout Europe, then being based out of Switzerland could allow you to cut transportation costs for products. It could also reduce travel costs for staff who would need to go to other countries to have meetings with clients or attend conventions.

Switzerland is located close to the most densely populated areas in Europe, including Germany, France, and Italy. In addition, the country has one of the best infrastructures throughout Europe with modern and well-maintained highways and roads. They also have one of the world’s best public transportation systems, making it easier for staff to commute to work.

Skilled Workforce

If you need a highly skilled workforce, which is necessary for tech companies, then you will find few better than that of Switzerland. Along with being highly educated, many in the workforce have years of experience due to their apprenticeship system. Also, the populace is highly educated with a literacy rate of nearly 100%; also, most people in the country speak English, eliminating language barriers.

Being surrounded with an educated, experienced workforce makes it easier to take your concepts and turn them into marketable products. Switzerland has more product patents per capita than any other country in Europe. You can also take advantage of the free movement of workers within the EU, which could change in the UK as they exit their EU agreement.

Relaxed Policies

It is also rather easy to move or start a business in Switzerland as the country has a liberal system of employment laws and the labour market isn’t tightly regulated as it is in the UK and other countries. Tax laws are also very attractive to business owners who are considering moving out of the UK before the withdrawal from the EU is fully implemented.

You can contact a Swiss company formation service to move or start a business in Switzerland. They can help set up your company, get it registered, and help with everything from finding an appropriate location to getting a bank account to staffing your offices. The company will help in almost every way to ensure your business success.

If a tech startup is in your future or you want to move your business out of the UK, there are many reasons for taking your business to Switzerland.