Useful Guidelines to Select a Self-Storage Unit


A self-storage unit is a useful facility that has no constraints in storing things. You can easily access the facility and keep your prized possessions and stay hassle-free as the storage units Brooklyn are protected and safe.

Here, let us share a couple of guidelines to select the best self-storage units you are looking for—

A cleaner place

When you are about to select a self-storage unit then cleanliness should be one of your top priorities. According to many real estate bosses, it can be understood whether the place is clean or not by visiting the office of the facility manager. When you enter the office of the facility’s manager check whether the surrounding is clean or not. Here you have to depend on the proverb-‘first impression is the last impression’. From this office, you can understand whether selecting the facility will be a good choice or not.

Completely sanitized

You can never choose a place with critters around. The insects can cause huge damage to your belongings especially, furniture, boat, other wooden stuff, valuable clothes, furnishing etc. Therefore, be confident about the pest controlling of the area. If required, visit the unit directly and get a copy of the pest controlling certificate instead of trusting the facility blindly.

A good fit

Depending on what you store, you will have to choose the self-storage unit. Before the final move, be very sure about the measurements of the unit and the things that you are going to stuff there. For example, if you are about to store 7 feet boat then the unit should have some extra space left to get inside and take out the boat. Therefore, if you are choosing the units online- make sure and be specific about the unit measurements.

Excellent Security

As you have the flexibility of storing anything in the facility, it has to be tightly secured. As they are taking the responsibility of keeping your prized possessions they are supposed to ensure flawless security. Make sure that the service provider has adopted both technology and manpower in protecting the facility. There should be CCTV cameras, video door answering machines and talented surveillance team.

You will never want your expensive belongings to be stolen from the self-storage units. Thus, choose a reputed service provider with the goodwill of providing extremely secure self-storage units for the past few years.

Great customer service

The customer services of the service providers are expected to be impeccable. As you are paying for the self-storage unit, being the customer, you should want an amiable and responsible manager in the store. Talk to the person personally before getting the place hired to make sure this man is going to help you in future or not.

Affordable rates and no hidden charges

Talk straightly to the manager regarding the charges they demand. You can negotiate if they have the options. Usually, they do. Also, make sure you will be charged with the real costs and there will be no more extra hidden taxes they will ask for in the future.