Using Print Marketing to Reach New Customers


When the digital marketing era got underway, many people expected print marketing to die a slow painful death. Instead, print marketing, Phoenix, and other areas just adapted to the new situation and began using both tools as a way to attract new customers. Print marketing continues to thrive in today’s digital era, thanks to some very good reasons to keep printing instead of just churning out digital content.

All campaigns will differ, but print campaigns all have one thing in common: You put SOMETHING on paper. A customer can only read digital content. They can read, hold, feel, and share something like a greeting card with a business name on it, or posters that advertise an important service. Print marketing doesn’t just produce advertisements but useful, practical products that customers can use. Herein lies one of the main benefits of print marketing. It seems a lot less like advertising and a lot more like giving the customer a gift.

Postcards, posters, banners, brochures, and more can all be branded with information about a company. Each one of these items can be held in a customer’s hands. While digital marketing is extremely effective in the online climate in which is resides, some customers still prefer something they can feel in their hands. A creative, colorful brochure with lots of information about a business is still a great way to communicate with customers in a short, sweet fashion that gets results.

When you take your digital message into a print world, you’ll need some experts by your side. That’s because if you’ve been stuck in the online world for awhile, you may forget that some marketing techniques aren’t as effective if the message is in print. Print messages should probably be more formal and carefully vetted than some types of online messages. Online banners can be a bit tacky, or a little less PC, while anything in a brochure should carry an aura of authority and knowledge. The great thing is the company who takes over a print campaign is going to analyze your business, figure out what kinds of customers shop for your products or read your content, and then they will determine which print products will work in a campaign.

Measuring the results of print campaigns can be a little more difficult than digital campaigns as well. After all, after someone reads a brochure, they don’t click on it and give you a digital footprint that shows you they enjoyed it and wanted to know more. Your print marketing successes will show up in the bottom line, though, and there are still some effective ways to measure the success of those print campaigns. A marketing agency who works with print marketing will have highly skilled and creative crew members who know how to craft your campaigns and measure their success.

Any business that leaves its message off the printed page is doing itself a disservice. While print marketing is only a part of an overall marketing strategy, it is still a relevant marketing strategy in today’s world.