What Makes Bottle Sparklers Unique?


If you’ve ever spent an evening at a bar or nightclub, then chances are you already know about bottle service and the sparklers they use to make the presentation better. Even if you haven’t ordered bottle service yourself, it is impossible to miss the spectacle of sparks shooting out of the top of the bottle as the servers carry it to the VIP section of the room. You’ve also likely used sparklers before at a backyard party or on the 4th of July, but the sparklers that they use at bars and nightclubs are obviously quite different from the ones you used as a kid. So what makes bottle sparklers unique? How are they different from the regular sparklers we all know and love? All will be explained as you continue to read and we reveal everything there is to know about bottle sparklers and what makes them work.

Fountain-Type Effect

The first thing that you’ll notice when you see a bottle sparkler is that it shoots sparks out of the top in a way that is more reminiscent of a firework that a sparkler. In fact, the entire design of a bottle sparkler is closer to a fountain-type firework than the traditional stick design of sparklers that you hold in your hand. The reason for this is that this type of design allows the sparks to shoot much higher into the air so more people throughout the room can see the bottle service being delivered. More visibility equals more people buying bottle service, and ultimately that is the entire point of using bottle sparklers in a bar or nightclub in the first place.

Attaching Them to a Bottle

The next thing that you’ll notice about bottle sparklers that make them very unique is that they are able to attach to the neck of a bottle. This not only serves as the perfect place to maximize visibility, but it also makes the bottle sparklers safe to use around people. If you weren’t able to buy sparklers that attach to bottles, you wouldn’t be able to use them in a commercial venue. This is actually accomplished with the aid of reusable clips that snap onto the neck of the bottle and the body of the bottle sparklers so they stay firmly attached throughout the display. You can even get the clips in double or triple versions so you can have more bottle sparklers attached to a bottle at one time for more visibility!

Using Them Indoors

The last thing that makes bottle sparklers unique is that you are able to legally use them indoors (local laws permitting). To achieve this, the bottle sparklers need to produce a very limited amount of smoke so that you aren’t creating a choking hazard indoors. Originally, all bottle sparklers were gold because they didn’t have color pigments that created smoke, but now you can get color bottle sparklers as well because of advances in chemistry and manufacturing techniques.

At the end of the day, bottle sparklers may seem to be pretty similar to regular sparklers but they perform in specific ways to accomplish the needs of bars and nightclubs. Bottle sparklers fulfill the unique set of tasks that they are required to do, and they do it all while increasing profits for the bars and nightclubs that use them to enhance their bottle service options.