What Should You Study If You Want to Be in Business?


The business world is changing and evolving rapidly. That has led business leaders to attempt to diversify their job offerings by bringing in new talent. There are many different jobs that require a diverse set of skills that not everyone has. For example, the title of social media director didn’t exist anywhere ten years ago. Now, almost every large company or organisation has a social media director who controls and directs the way a business interacts in different social media fields. If you have been in business for a long time, you might understand the business aspects of marketing and PR but you won’t understand the use of social media. It is difficult to fully grasp the depth of knowledge and intuition that comes from someone who has studied it or grown up with it. That’s only one example of the new business world. If you’re looking to break into the business world, you would obviously assume that studying business is the best way to get in. It is a great way to gain knowledge, experience, and skills. However, it is not the only way. It’s also not necessarily the best way. There are many majors that would serve you just as well, if not better.

English Language

Studying the English language in school is a great way to prepare yourself to enter the business world. It might sound frivolous, but online courses in English can prepare you in ways that business degrees will not. English language proficiency as well as English literature is completely focused on communicating well. Literature is supposed to tell stories and evoke emotions. Nonfiction is supposed to tell stories and evoke emotions while also delivering a clear set of facts. That is exactly what a social media director would need to do. You would need to tell stories effectively and encourage your audience to take action. That is why so many businesses are looking for English majors for different positions.

Also, if you have communicated via email or social media, you know how much misunderstanding and frustration can be caused by poor grammar and punctuation. Putting a comma in the wrong place can completely change the meaning of a sentence. Hiring an English major streamlines communication.

Film and Entertainment

You will get different benefits from studying film and entertainment depending on your chosen business field. However, hiring managers like to hire entertainment majors because they will provide perspectives that are more creative than business-oriented. If they already have several business-minded people around them, it would not be very useful to hire someone else who thinks similarly. Instead, they might look for an artist to balance their boardrooms. The artist would provide a perspective that focuses on creativity and engagement, as opposed to the bottom line. That is the kind of thinking that helps a business grow. If you want to set yourself apart in the business world, don’t study only business. You should also study other fields that will provide you with useful skills and knowledge.