Why GEM Pawnbrokers is the Best Pawn Shop


GEM Pawnbrokers has been around for almost 70 years and has really built itself upon offering the best services to their clients. When you get into a financial bind, rather than selling your goods – they offer pawn and loan services, which allow you to use collateral and receive cash in return. Losing personal belongings can be upsetting and depressing, but if you are just looking to make extra cash for items that are lying around the house – this is the perfect opportunity to grab onto.

One of the Largest Pawnbrokers in the World

GEM has grown into becoming the largest pawnshop in New York City and has been around since the late 40s. Now having over 27 branches located throughout the area, the sheer size and volume alone makes this one of the largest privately owned pawnbrokers worldwide! The fact that this pawnbroker is still a family run business may be the reason why it is as well-known and popular as it is. If you read the customer reviews and speak to anyone in the area, they will tell you about the extraordinary customer care services offered and how top dollar is received for goods, each and every time.

Loans Up to $1M Readily Available

At GEM you can rest assured that any dollar amount up to $1M can easily be accommodated, whether you are seeking to pawn vehicles, jewelry, diamonds, or other personal belongings. Additionally, if you are looking to make purchases, GEM has an eclectic collection unlike any place else in the world.

Think about how many people populate the city, or even stop through on business trips or to visit. All of these people have unique belongings, family heirlooms, one-of-a-kind jewelry items and so much more. It really makes you about the treasures you could come across!

Experience and a Trained Eye Goes a Long Way

Their highly trained professionals not only have years of experience but also a trained eye for real and fake items. They are also there for you to help you receive the most for your goods. This secured environment offers appraisals right on hand and you could walk out of there with the funds that you are looking for. Do not ever become discouraged if you have collateral and cannot receive a bank loan – GEM is the next best option.

Many pawnbrokers cannot even fathom being able to offer vehicle loans or purchase entire estates… but GEM can! If you are looking to pawn some of your personal belongings, you can rest assured that you are going to receive top dollar working with GEM Pawnbrokers because they simply will not have it any other way. Speak with them about accommodating your specific needs because they are more than willing to go above and beyond for you. You will immediately feel comfortable working with this amazing family run business, and not have to fret about not having the funds that you are looking for.